Broward Arts Teacher of the Year 2013 - Dance

Toranika WashingtonUniversity School
at Nova Southeastern University

Personal Statement

What would you say is/are the most important thing(s) you believe in as an art teacher?

I believe in bridging dance genres and exposing students to a global experience. I organize annual dance workshops and conferences that offer opportunities for my students to take classes from instructors that are master dance specialist. These experiences enhance my students' mental and physical awareness of the dance world and enrich their personal growth and development.


What is your greatest contribution to your students, your profession, and to the Arts?

As a dance professional and choreographer, it is important to keep my mind and body; sharp, open and aware. Cross training and taking dance classes keeps me sharp. Participating in new dance techniques and lecture programs keeps my mind open to opportunities for innovative explorations in movement design, and holding membership in dance organizations and attending dance education workshops and conferences keeps me aware and most importantly connected to the global dance community.




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