Broward Arts Teacher of the Year 2013 - Music

John Nista –– Ramblewood Middle School

Personal Statement

What would you say is/are the most important thing(s) you believe in as an art teacher? 

I believe the arts inspire, stimulate, and develop the student’s imagination. I believe the arts can help each student toward their development in school and their academic success.

What is your greatest contribution to your students, your profession, and to the Arts?

I try to relate the importance of teaching life skills and building self confidence through music. I try to treat each student as if they were my child and hope to fulfill their lives a little more by creating musical skills.

I am extremely grateful to be at Ramblewood Middle School. The school has always had a strong musical tradition and our community supports band to the fullest. It has been a privilege to teach for our Principal, Mrs. Tina Recchi, whom is the biggest supporter of the arts I have ever been associated with.

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