Broward Arts Teacher of the Year 2013 – Visual Arts

Keri Porter –– Wingate Oaks Center

Personal Statement

What would you say is/are the most important thing(s) you believe in as an art teacher? 

When people think of Art they initially think of the pleasure it brings to them.  That’s important, undoubtedly, but Art is much deeper than that. It can heal wounds, help children learn, help people communicate, and express hidden emotions.   This is especially evident with my students due to the severities of their disabilities.  Art is for everyone!  For 16 years I have worked with the county’s most needy and medically fragile students in an art classroom. It truly is my honor and privilege to work with these students in my art room on a daily basis.

What is your greatest contribution to your students, your profession, and to the Arts?

My greatest contribution to my profession is teaching other educators how to adapt both traditional and non traditional methodologies so they are fully accessible for any individual with any disability.  For the arts in general I combine my passion for Art with a deep dedication to being a steward of our environment.  In addition, I feel a strong passion to give back to my community as well as going green efforts. Donating to charitable causes such as cancer research, disaster relief, and the Humane Society inspires my budding artists to connect with their community as they express themselves through Art.  Giving my students opportunities to express themselves through the arts and giving them opportunities that they might not have ever had is my greatest contribution to them.  Many people would not even realize that my students could participate in art at all, much less produce amazing authentic artwork.


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