Broward Arts Teacher of the Year 2013 – Teaching Artist

Timothy Leistner –– Artist's Eye Gallery

Personal Statement


What would you say is/are the most important things(s) you believe in as an art teacher?

I believe that, as an art teacher, I have an obligation to my students to provide them with art opportunities which not only lead them to discovery and developing new and improved art skills but also offer openings which allow them to truly be personally creative and express themselves individually.  In many of my art courses, I focus on art lesson which allow for many open-ended learning activities and believe that through thematic and focused instructional opportunities my students have opportunities to express themselves in personal ways.  One of my goals is that each of my students will express themselves and find their own personal style through the arts. 

What is your greatest contribution to your students, your profession, and to the Arts?

I hope that my teaching abilities and a supportive style will inspire my students to move forward, motivating them to continue learning about the Arts, build confidence in their abilities, develop a zest for learning, and enjoy their creative endeavors.  I trust that my contributions include sharing my personal love of the Arts.  I believe that the teaching professional is still an honorable profession. Teaching the Arts is not only vital to developing a wholeness of one’s education, but is also a joy.  Developing new and innovative art educational programs is one of my strengths and I hope that reaching others, moving others, and visually impacting others is a contribution I offer to the Arts.
                                                                                       – Timothy Leistner, Ed.D.

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